Asahi, Hinata (Hina for short)
A young, cheerful, energetic, & naive girl who lives alone in her house. Her only house companions are Tono and Waka, her 2 teddy bears. She enjoys Asou-sensei's company & try's to meet him whenever she gets the chance. She grows to like him more the more they spend time together.
Asou, Shirou
A cold & quiet person with an aura of suspicion which Hinata fails to see. With his current job as a teacher & being Hinata's neighbor, he encounters Hinata plenty of times. Though his previous profession is kept unspoken.
A good friend of Hina & Emi. She's the more realistic out of the trio & is concerned about Hina's relationship with Asou-sensei. She knows/feels something is dangerous/suspicious about Asou-sensei.
Often comedic & outspoken. She over-dramatizes things but still is a good friend to Hina. With her lighthearted nature, she does not suspect anything wrong with her friends in the beginning.
A mysterious person with a hidden agenda who is from Asou's past. He acts quiet serious, but puts on a facade of being playful & friendly when Hina is around.

A mysterious person with a hidden agenda who is from Asou's past. His cold & quiet appearance makes his presence feel as if he's secretly working all the time. Only seen when Tomoaki is around.